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Trigger point injections are used to treat easily irritable muscles that cause you pain. A trigger point is a small knot of muscle that is created during injury or overwork. These knots create pain in the exact location, or even at another location of the body.

This injection is performed right on the location of the trigger point which will cause the pain and inflammation in your muscle to decrease and begin to heal.

Once the inflammation has decreased, physical therapy is used to help eliminate the pain and to strengthen muscle fibers.

Frequently ask Questions:

What are trigger point injections?

  • A low dose steroid and local anesthetic injected into the trigger point area. The steroid is used to help reduce inflammation and promote the healing process of the muscle and tissue.

What to expect after the injection?

  • Expect the area to be sore and possibly a slight increase in pain that can occur until the medication takes effect. The use of ice is recommended for the first 24 hours in 30 min intervals, as well as the use of heat following the ice to help manage your discomfort. We also recommend that the patients take it easy for the next day or so, but you can still perform daily activities as tolerable.