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B-12 Injections

This is an injection that can be 1-2 time a week. It includes the B-Complex of vitamins as well as amino acids to help boost your immune system, digestive health, and gives you amazing energy.

Frequently asked questions?

How often should I receive these injections?

  • For maximum results, it is recommended that you get one injection per week to keep the constant supply of nutrients flowing into your body that you may not be getting from the food you are consuming in your everyday life.

Are there any side-effects?

  • As with any shot, some discomfort or irritation may occur, as well as an upset stomach, but should subside once your body acclimates to the nutrients. An uncommon but serious effect is the possible allergic reaction once the substance has been administered. If you notice a rash or hives, shortness of breath, wheezing, inflamed airways, or swollen lips, tongue, mouth, or throat, medical attention should be sought out immediately. 


Choline- Essential in normal liver functions. Choline helps transport fat from the liver cells in the body to be used as fuel.

Methionine- Amino acids that acts as a barrier to help prevent fat build up around the liver as well as helping prevent against fatigue. Methionine is also responsible for growing new blood vessels, which help supply organs with blood which is needed for normal bodily functions. 

Inositol: Known for its B-8, a crucial part in preventing the build up of fat around the heart and liver.

B-12 (Methyl Cobalamin): This vitamin is essential, meaning the body requires it for normal, healthy functions. This vitamin is used for metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbs in the body.