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Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergy test are fairly simple and easy to find out what your body is allergic to. The process is easy starting with taking a small amount of substance and placing it on the skin, (usually the forearm, upper back, or back) which is pricked so that the allergen goes under the skin surface. The health care provider will closely watch the skin for swelling and redness, or other signs of reaction. These results are 

usually seen in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Then after the doctor gets the results on the allergens and what you are allergic to, they will begin the next process of getting rid of the allergy. This is done by 1-2 treatments a week where you will come in and the doctor administers a very small dose of the allergen, and over time, your body slowly builds up an immunity. Which you then become completely allergen free.